Sugar Tooth is the first mission given by Jed Crowell to Troy Anderson at his store in Campbell, Regencia.


Jed smiles at Troy Anderson and greets him as an old friend. The two discuss Troy's recent life before Jed's wife, Tracy walks into the store. The two argue about something or the other and Tracy storms off. Jed walks out of the store followed by Troy. Jed gets in Troy's cab and Jed tells the player to drive to Altoona, a town south of Campbell. Once the player starts driving Jed discusses many things with him and as the player arrives at Altoona Jed mentions a shipment of Candy. Troy decides to collect it and the player is prompted to drive to the Cavvy T's Candy Factory. Once there, the player is allowed to hook up with a large van trailer. The player is then told to take the trailer to Jed's store. After doing so, they will go in and talk to Jed. After that, Jed's Eye Candy string of missions is unlocked.

Mission ObjectivesEdit

To complete the mission the player must:

  • Drive to Altoona.
  • Drive to Cavvy T's.
  • Hook up with the candy trailer.
  • Take the candy trailer back to Jed's store.


The reward for completing this mission is the unlocking of Jed Crowell's Eye Candy string of missions and $600.