Spin Around the Block is the First Mission given by David Weston to Troy Anderson at his home in Campbell, Regencia.


Troy Anderson walks into David's house in Campbell. David is on the couch and looks up, greeting Troy. Troy and him shake hands and talk for a while, eventually David mentions a shipment up the road that he needs delivered. Troy volunteers to and and David agrees. The player is then prompted to go outside of the house and get in the truck. After doing so, a basic driving tutorial follows and the character is prompted to drive the truck up the road. Be careful, unlike other games laws of the road are stricter in Convoy, and speeding, driving down the wrong side of the road and crashing into other cars is not recommended as it can cause the police to pursue you. When you get down the road as indicated by the map, you will come to a Lumberyard near Byrdstown. In the lumberyard will be waiting a flatbed full of pallets. Back down on the trailer as instructed by the on screen prompts. Be careful, your vehicle is now much longer and has a much longer wheelbase than when you were just a cab. Follow the traffic laws while taking the pallets to a warehouse back in Campbell. After dropping off the trailer Troy talks to David for a few moments and then the mission ends.

Mission ObjectivesEdit

To complete the mission the player must:

  • Get in the truck.
  • Make sure to follow traffic laws!
  • Drive to Byrdstown Lumber.
  • Back down on the trailer.
  • Take the trailer to the warehouse in Campbell.


The reward for completing this mission is the unlocking of Free Roam, and $500.