PMV is a truck manufacturer in Convoy, and is based off the truck manufacturer GMC.

Vehicles in 1970Edit

Vehicle Style Based On Notes
Advance Bus 1958-1977 GMC New Look
Bandbox Heavy Truck 1959-1968 GMC Crackerbox
Baxter Van 1967-1970 GMC Van
Bison Bus 1966-1970 GMC Buffalo Bus
Colombia Pickup Truck 1967-1972 GMC C/K
Kenny 2 Door SUV 1968-1972 GMC K5 Jimmy
Norfolk 4 Door SUV 1967-1972 GMC Suburban
Panorama Bus 1954-1956 GMC Scenicruiser
Peddler Heavy Truck 1964-1988 GMC L-Series
Zebulon Heavy Truck 1965-1976 GM 9500