Convoy is an First Person Open World game centered around the lives of Truckers, Motorcycle gangs and other outlaws in Post World War II America.


Convoy uses the same game engine as Frontlines, another Flying Hat game. Thus, many of the game mechanics are transported from that game to Convoy. However, the morale system has been scrapped as it had little use in an open world game. The same realism is transplanted though, including destructible environments.

Game MechanicsEdit

A few notable game mechanics are present in Frontlines. One of the most notable is Vehicle damage, as Convoy is centered mostly around your character and his vehicle. The cover system is the same as in Frontlines.


Like Frontlines, Convoy covers multiple characters in a story that intertwines all of them.


One of the types of characters in the game are Truckers. In total, there are 4 trucker characters that are playable by the character.

Troy Anderson

Troy Anderson is the youngest of the four truckers. He's only 23 and lives in the state of Regency, near the border with North Sylvania. Troy's starting truck is a brand new Joebuilt Eureka.